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Leafy Lane EP

by Kirsty Hawkshaw



This is a rare e.p by Kirsty Hawkshaw produced by Mark Pritchard. This ep has a bonus acapella track. All rights reserved to the artist.

About the track.

Kirsty explains: "This was probably the final song written for my solo album On Ultimate Things which was originally released on Colition records in 1998. I was at the tail end of my healing. I had found new happiness with new love and my little Whippet Rowley. As I walked through those Cornish paths I kept reminding my mind to focus on what was directly in front of me and not keep drifting back into the past. Eventually the hurt disappeared and I suddenly had a new perspective on love and that is to just 'love and appreciate what is, accept what was, and not linger on what went wrong - or define oneself by it too much because everybody can make changes and become those changes and be happy again. And to wish that person who may have hurt you to also be happy in his life and to also move forward. Also we can often keep running away from our troubles by either moving house, or moving abroad etc, and I had done that quite a few times. Especially when small town mentality starts to suck you in. I realised that just being in one place for a while was doing me alot of good and getting me nice and grounded (hence in the video being under the earth and finding my way back to the grass). I was young at the time - 28 years old and dealing with Saturns return bringing up lifes experiences to the forefront - it's a tough time for alot of people at that age and break ups often happen during this time in life. Of course there is alot more to this song, but the beauty of songs are that one can make it personal and interpret it in any way they wish.


released January 28, 2013

This e.p has 4 tracks on it.
Leafy Lane - written by Kirsty Hawkshaw and Mark Pritchard/John Sebastian.
Watch the Days -written by Kirsty Hawkshaw
Leafy Lane (Matrix Remix)

Quoting DJ Moon:

"Kirsty Hawkshaw "Leafy Lane (Matrix Mix)" Probably the best Drum & Bass remix of a pop/alternative track of all time!



all rights reserved


Kirsty Hawkshaw UK

Kirsty Hawkshaw is a female Dance/Electronica/House/Ambient/Drum and Bass/ Artist, photographer and songwriter who is known for her signature angelic vocals.

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Track Name: Leafy Lane (Matrix Mix)
Walking Down leafy lane
in a shady dream
people rushing by
finding reason for flight
but I don't feel that keen
when the spark in your eye
starts to fade
it's just what you need
lazy acres
under my feet
nearly found myself wishing you were there
reaching out to me
waiting for the breeze
waiting for the breeze
and the world of life
goes by everyday
the city fell in silence
as I began to pray
I wish you well
I hope your safe
I hope your stretched out a million miles high
and all that is beauty
floats around in suspended air
the life with no ending
the fearless love is there

words by Kirsty Hawkshaw